6 reasons to join the program

Global Knowledge Center
1. Global Knowledge Center
As Sekurit Partner, a Saint-Gobain group program, you will not only profit from our 80 years’ leadership in car glazing, but also ensures you access to our global knowledge center with more than 350 years of experience and know how.  
Preferred Point of Fitting
2. Preferred Point of Fitting
As authorized Sekurit Partner we will promote you as 'preferred point-of-fitting'. A sign of quality and trust for both you and your customers. 
3. Promotion
Being part of the program also implies that you will benefit from our marketing and communication efforts. Without additional marketing fees!
Quality Mark
4. Quality Mark
As one of the top 100 industrial groups in the world, Saint-Gobain offers you and your customers, the most advanced features in automotive glazing, glass repair and replacement. Now and in the future.
Boost up your knowledge with the Sekurit Academy and stay ahead of the rest. Get free access to the newest technologies, the best training videos and e-leaning programs about automotive glazing.
6. Club@utover
See great instruction videos. Get direct access to my@utover. And take your professionalism to the next level.With club@utover you’ve got one site that fits all.

Join the future. Stay ahead in automotive glazing, glass repair and replacement.

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